Thursday, 16 July 2015

Glow in the dark spaceship sandart

This week's activity is tremendously fun - glow in the dark sandart. We just can't wait to see how the piece of art glow in a dark room!

What you need:

Glow in the dark sandart (purchase here)

Step by step:
Remove non outline section of the cardboard and sprinkle sand onto the exposed sticky surface.

Repeat the process for all section except some areas for glow in the dark sand.

Finally sprinkle remaining sections with glow in the dark sand.

Final result, this picture is taken in a day light. Put this piece into a dark room and you will see how it glows amazingly!

Friday, 3 July 2015

Glass decoration painting

A simple activity to do with kids during free time, and the finished artwork can be decorated easily in the house.

What you need:

Glass deco peelable kit (purchase here)

Step by step:

Peel and transfer the design into the yellow cardboard.

Apply the glass deco colours to the design. Paint on a flat surface so that the colour can be spread evenly. 

Apply colour generously to prevent streak lines when dried. Allow at least 4 hours to dry.

Carefully peel the design

Stick it on any smooth surface - tiles, mirror, glass, mugs, etc....

Explore more design by drawing free hand on the cardboard using black liner pen provided.

Amazing result from preschoolers!